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 Support My 2013 Pan Mass Challenge and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in the fight to make childhood cancer no more threatening than a cold.  This year will be my 28th entry in this event.

In 2013, so far, we raised $9653 for the Dana Farber.

A message from the President of Dana Farber!

Why do I do this and why you should help. The Jimmy Fund has provided resources over the past decades to treat childhood cancers and to investigate different avenues in search of cures. In its 34th year, the PMC provides the largest portion of the monies collected for the Dana-Farber.

Each avenue of research competes for grants from the government and institutional sources. These sources naturally tend to fund the most promising avenues. Unfortunately for the researchers, the catch-22 is that significant resources are necessary to develop the body of evidence that would get any area of work to the level of being promising and fundable. This year, with the government cut-backs resulting from the 'sequester', funding for even the most promising areas of research has been reduced making our efforts even more important.  Our Jimmy Fund provides that seed funding for work in childhood cancer as well as the funding for the humane clinical treatment of kids cursed with cancer. Your contribution provides hope for those afflicted and for those working to solve for the cure.  100% of all contributions went to the Dana Farber last year.  Click on my donation link above or visit www.pmc.org .  My ID is JK0013.


 How have I been affected by cancer?  Back in 1959 my father was operated on for his first cancer, of the throat.  Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy was rather primitive compared to today, but those techniques and others through 2004 saved him to live a full 89 years, dying of something unrelated.  We need to work to provide the miracle endings for so many more folks.

Sadly, many friends have succumbed to this nasty disease.  We say goodbye to Joyce, Linda, Reed, Heidi, Mike

 What is the Pan Mass Challenge?  The Pan Mass Challenge is the most successful and oldest continuous charity  bicycling in the country.   In 1980,  a fellow by the name of Billy Starr, whose family was ravaged by cancer, had the inspiration to try to make a difference.    What started with a couple dozen enthusiasts riding from Springfield in the general direction of Provincetown has developed into 7000+ folks riding, volunteering and planning in the 21st century.  On the first weekend each August the participants descend on Sturbridge and Wellesley MA to celebrate their year of fund-raising for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute by riding a bicycle for up to 192 miles.  Crazy, no?  Yes, but there is much gained in the shared experience.

Riding this event are politicians, celebrities, professional athletes and citizens all sharing the effort, financial and physical.  We've been joined by such as Sen. Kerry, Sen. Brown, Lance Armstrong and Greg Lemond. But the inspirational participants are such as the rider who lost a leg at a young age and a lung a bit later in life, both to cancer, who climbs on his bike and hurtles toward Provinceton at a phenomenal pace, one that I have never been able to attain.  Or such as the professional football player, ex-Patriot, Joe Andruzzi,  who recently endured chemotherapy but determinedably ground out his first ride this year in 12 hours, popping his kneecap back in after injuring it in a climb.  There are young men and women riding who were treated in their childhook for cancer at DFCI that are 'living proof' that progress is being made, and thankfully that group is growing.

The PMC as an organization has exceeded the $330,000,000.00 mark for contributions over the life of the event.  Thirty years in 2009, an average of about $10,000,000.00/year.  It is remarkably efficient.  In the 80's the event had been able to contribute over 90% to the DCFI.  It has progressed to delivering 100% of every penny you contribute to the Dana Farber where it can do the most good.

I get more from this than I give.  I ask people to give money for a cause that I know they would give to anyway.  It drives me to be compulsive about getting out to train in order to survive it especially as I have gotten older.  It gives me a new group of friends to see each year.  It gives me a sense that I've helped in a small way and that I am part of something bigger. I feel remorse in not having done more.  I've always given to cancer charities because of the successes in my family, not the failures.    I hope some of this description makes you feel more a part of the effort.  Thanks again.

Why Team Perini? Team Perini raises money for a particular part of the Dana Farber, "The Quality of Life Clinic For Cancer Survivors".  Named after David Perini Jr. who died at the age of 26 in 1990, this clinic serves a dual purpose:  help those survivors of cancer with their ongoing needs and keep track of the efficacy of the treatments over time and the various side effects down the road as a result.  Its charter is the continuing care of pediatric patients and its success has inspired a similar clinic funded by Lance Armstrong's charity for adults at the Dana Farber.   Here is a blurb from the 2012 WSJ about the Perini's and their foundation.